Mark Peterman

Independent Director, KBRA Board of Directors

Mark Peterman is retired. He was the former acting general counsel of Seterus (formerly Wilshire Credit Corporation), an IBM subsidiary purchased by Bank of America in June 2010. Mr. Peterman served as Wilshire’s general counsel from 2006-2010, when it was owned by Merrill Lynch and, subsequently, Bank of America. Between 1998-2006, he served as a senior vice president and general counsel for Wilshire Financial Services Corporation, the public parent company for Wilshire prior to its purchase by Merrill Lynch. The parent company owned a number of subsidiaries which, among others, owned two small banks, bought and securitized mortgage loans, and serviced mortgage loans. Wilshire was a small financial services subsidiary. In his time at Wilshire, Mr. Peterman’s work focused on consumer lending, general corporate issues, public company compliance, maintenance of regulatory requirements for federal and state lending and collection, and for new requirements during the financial crisis, securitizations, and contracting with clients and vendors. Prior to joining Wilshire in 1998, Mr. Peterman was an associate and partner at Portland, Oregon-based law firm Stoel Rives for 26 years. While there, he focused on contracts (domestic and international), financial services, consumer financing, collections, and bankruptcy.

Mr. Peterman earned his J.D. from Columbia University and his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan.

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