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Kroll Bond Rating Agency’s (KBRA) Subscription Rating Service (SRS) is used by finance, risk and treasury professionals to monitor the credit worthiness and financial soundness of institutions with whom they do business. Our record speaks for itself: Of the 92 banks and S&Ls that failed in 2011, 88 held the lowest "E" rating from SRS as of January 1, 2011. Similarly, of the 155 banks and S&Ls that failed in 2010, 146 were rated "E" at the start of the year.

KBRA is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO). KBRA's subscription-based business model allows us to be independent and assign unbiased financial strength ratings.

At KBRA, we are committed to providing accurate and valuable financial strength rating services along with consultation through our team's talented analytical resources.

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Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) is an impartial and innovative leader in providing financial strength ratings. It is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO).

Unlike other rating agencies, KBRA's Subscription Rating Service uses a subscription-based business model, which result in independent, unbiased financial strength ratings published quarterly.

KBRA Subscription Rating Service provides its clients with expert financial strength ratings on nearly 17,000 institutions including:

  • ALL US Commercial Banks - 5601 institutions
  • ALL Savings & Loans - 432 institutions
  • ALL Credit Unions (non-corporate) - 5967 institutions
  • Bank Holding Company Ratings - 651 institutions
  • Corporations - 2841 institutions
  • Non-US Banks - 238 institutions
  • Title Insurance Company Ratings - 45 insurers

KBRA will also develop custom reports to meet specific client requests in addition to offering specialized products for public libraries and government agencies. What ratings would you like to see?


KBRA became a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO) through the acquisition of LACE Financial Corporation (LACE Financial) in August 2010. LACE Financial was established in 1984 to offer products derived from research on the determinants of the financial soundness of commercial banks. The LACE name was derived from four identified determinants of financial strength: (L)iquidity, (A)sset quality, (C)apital and (E)arnings.

Ratings services were offered primarily on a subscription basis. As the company grew, it expanded coverage by issuing ratings on savings & loans, bank holding companies, credit unions and foreign institutions. Over the years, the firm acquired a reputation for issuing fair and unbiased financial strength ratings.

KBRA is a full services credit rating agency with offices in New York, New York, Frederick, Maryland, and Dresher, Pennsylvania.

Products & Services

Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) offers a portfolio of products and services designed to assist clients in evaluating the financial soundness of various types of institutions. Most of KBRA's products and services are web-based and offered through the KBRA Monitor System.
Browse the products below, or download the product list here: SRS Product List

KBRA Monitor System

KBRA offers a portfolio of products and services designed to assist clients in evaluating the financial soundness of various types of institutions. Most of KBRA’s products and services are web-based and offered through the KBRA Monitor System.

The KBRA Monitor System is a customizable, online database containing:

U.S. Bank Ratings

  • Provides access to KBRA ratings and financial information on all commercial and state chartered savings banks in the United States
  • Designed for larger companies with an extensive network of banking relationships
  • Can be tailored to a specific state

U.S. Savings and Loan Ratings

  • Provides access to KBRA ratings and financial information on all savings and loan associations and federal savings banks
  • Can be tailored to a specific state

U.S. Credit Union Ratings

  • Provides access to KBRA ratings and financial information on the largest credit unions regulated by the National Credit UnionAdministration (NCUA)

U.S. Bank Holding Company Ratings

  • Provides access to KBRA ratings and financial information for all multi-bank holding companies, as well as single bank holding companies over $500 million in assets
  • Includes a quarterly Earnings Release report detailing the financials reported in the institutions’ releases and providing a KBRA ratings outlook on the largest Bank Holding companies.

Foreign Bank Ratings for the largest international banks

  • Provides access to KBRA ratings and financial information for approximately 275 of the world’s largest banking organizations
  • Includes a KBRA Sovereign Rating for approximately 60 countries

U.S. Corporate Ratings

  • Provides access to KBRA ratings and financial information for the 1,000 largest publicly traded domestic companies by asset size, excluding financial institutions
  • Can be tailored to a specific industry

State Service

  • Designed for clients who require access to KBRA ratings for institutions headquartered in a particular state or states
  • Can be designed to include bank, savings and loans, credit unions, bank holding companies or any combination thereof

The KBRA Monitor System data can be customized to contain data on banks, savings and loans, credit unions, Corporations and any combination thereof. The System also offers flexibility in how the data can be managed by enabling the user to:

  • Create and store lists of institutions and arrange them by financial soundness ("A+" to "E") using pre-defined report formats
  • View a subsidiary bank's rating relative to that of its parent
  • Select individual institutions by name or certificate number from an alphabetical listing
  • Design queries based on balance sheet, income statement, KBRA ratio items, as well as by location (city, state)
  • Save query results/selections in a user-defined list
  • Browse income statement, balance sheet, and KBRA ratio data for selected institutions, query results, user lists or all institutions in the database
  • Export data to one of two file formats for other applications (Comma Delimited Text-.csv or Tab Delimited Text-.txt)
  • Print data in a pre-defined report format or in a user-specified format using the Report Writer capabilities

KBRA Troubled Bank List

Clients purchasing a KBRA Monitor service for U.S. Banks and U.S. Savings and Loans have the benefit of being eligible to purchase KBRA Bond Ratings' Troubled Bank List for the class of institutions for which they have subscribed.

The KBRA Troubled Bank List is a quarterly update on the institutions Kroll Bond ratings believes have a higher than normal probability of failure.

Included in the report:

  • List of D and E rated banks or savings and loans (S&Ls) with poor financial condition.
  • Contains each banks or S&Ls current and historical KBRA Ratings along with their key financial data.
  • Includes KBRA’s Institutions of Concern List which identifies institutions in very poor financial condition.

Title Insurance Ratings

Kroll Bond Ratings Agency (KBRA) offers two products to evaluate title insurance companies: Claims-Paying Ability Ratings and Commercial Capacity Limits. Both versions are in the form of electronic reports delivered to our clients on a quarterly basis and includes a comprehensive year-end edition and three quarterly updates.

Claims-Paying Ability Ratings

  • Rates the claims-paying ability of approximately 52 title insurance underwriters in the United States
  • Rated quarterly, as underwriter's financial condition can be significantly affected by changes in interest rates and economic conditions, as well as fundamental changes within the industry itself.
  • The service enables mortgage lenders to comply with Fannie Mae's requirement that "Lenders must independently verify the ratings for the title insurance companies they use with the applicable rating agency once every six months." Kroll Bond Ratings is an accepted rating company for title insurance underwriters by the Federal National Mortgage Association ("Fannie Mae").

Commercial Capacity Limits

  • Is an independent source of critical information on the capacity of title insurers to write large policies--and to assume reinsurance--in conjunction with major commercial real estate and mortgage lending transactions.
  • The service is designed to assist in the establishment of an insurer's single risk limit, as well as the structuring of facultative reinsurance transactions by financial institutions, major insurance companies, real estate attorneys, and other participants.
  • In order to be included in the service, a title insurer must be capable of assuming a retained risk of at least $1,000,000.
  • Included in the service are capacity estimates on the larger title insurance companies for underwriting commercial policies.

Data Files

Kroll will deliver your ratings subscription information electronically as a data file to facilitate your "internal only" usage. Standard data files include fields such as Cert Number, City, State, total assets, total equity, YTD earnings, and most recent rating. Custom files can be built for clients interested in receiving additional data.

Special Analysis

Kroll will prepare special reports at the request of subscribers to supplement their ratings reports. Analysts will create specialized reports on topics such as specific entities, industry trends, quarterly earnings analysis, and troubled institutions.

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